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  Bio-security Basics for Cattle Operations and Good Management Practices (GMP) for Controlling Infectious Diseases
  Examples and ideas on how to document and assess the bio-security on an dairy operation. (more...)
  Bio-security in Practice Series
  How to develop biosecurity management for your operation. (more...)
Cow Comfort
  Managing Dairy Cattle for Cow Comfort and Maximum
  Some brief suggestions and management practices to help in the milking parlor and improving feeding behaviors. (more...)
Cow Handling
  Animal Handling, Behavior, and Movement in Milking Areas
  Information on low stress handling and the effects on milk production. (more...)
  Cattle Handling and Working Facilities
  How to move cows, dealing with defensive animals, and working facilities area designs. (more...)
Euthanasia Procedures
  Euthanasia of Non-rodent Animals (Cattle Included)
  Approved methods for euthanizing animals and important notes on procedures from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. (more...)
  On Farm Euthanasia
  How to humanely euthanize an animal and some methods of disposing of the body. (more...)
General Management Strategies
  Care and Handling of Dairy Cows
  How to minimize stress in cow herds, stockman interactions with cows, as well as other general management practices. (more...)
Heat Stress
  Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle Signs of Heat Stress
  Information on how heat stress will effect milk production and some strategies to reduce the amount of heat stress in a herd. Key Words: Heat Index, Heat Stress, Dry Matter Intake, Milk Yield (more...)
  How to Reduce Heat Stress in Dairy Cows
  Some symptoms of heat stress and what are some steps which can be taken to reduce effects of heat stress. (more...)
  Nutritional Management of Lactating Dairy Cows During Periods of Heat Stress
  What responses a cow's body may have during heat stress and the effects of heat stress on dry matter intake. Key Words: Dry Matter Intake, Heat Stress, Feed Management, Feed Additives (more...)
Heifer Management
  Feeding and Management of Dairy Heifers
  Heifer management on growth rates, feeding programs and breeding schedules. Key Words: Heifer Management, Feeding Strategies, Growth Rates, Breeding (more...)
Humane Treatment of Animals
  FACS Guide to the Humane Care, Handling and Transport of Beef and Dairy Cattle
  Humane methods to handle non-ambulatory animals, as well as other injuries to cows. Key Words: Non-Ambulatory, Bloat, Broken Legs, Cancer Eye, Lactating Cows, Lameness, Poor Condition (more...)
Milking Parlor Management
  Making the Right Choice
  How to create an incentive program, measure parlor performane and milk quality. (more...)
  Top 10 Milking Parlors Do's and Don'ts
  Some tips on building and designing a milking parlor. (more...)
Non-Ambulatory Catlle
  Preventing and Handling Disabled Cattle on the Farm.
  Humane methods on how to handle, treat and move non-ambulatory animals. Key Words: Non-ambulatory animals, Handling, Moving (more...)
  Non-Ambulatory Cattle
  What are some possible effects non-ambulatory animals can have on the dairy and beef industry. (more...)
Silage Management
  Hazard Alert! Handling and Storage of Grain and Silage
  Hazards associated with grain storage and handling. (more...)
Transition Period
  Feeding and Managing the Transition Cow
  Identifying some key phases during the transition period, and body condition scores during this period. Key Words: Body Condition Scores, Transition Period (more...)
  Livestock Transportation
  Management strategies for the handling and transportation of animals. Key Words: Handling, Watering, Feeding, Worker Responsibility (more...)
Udder Health
  Risk Factors for Excessive Hyperkeratosis of Teat Ends
  Milkig procedures and machine settings to help reduce damage to teat ends. Key Words: Milking Duration, Milking Machines (more...)
  Teat End Conditions and Scoring System
  Important factors to observe in the milking parlor to help maintain teat end conditions. (more...)
  Principle Based Mastitis Prevention
  Key principles which can help prevent mastitis and maintain good teat conditions. Key Words: Mastitis, Milking Parlor, Milking Procedures, Milking Machines (more...)
  New Mexico Livestock Board
  Dairy heifers should be vaccinated between 4 to 10 months of age. (more...)
  New Mexico Dairy Quality Assurance Program Rating Systems.
  Rating systems used to evaluate New Mexico Dairies for NMDQA program. (more...)
  Effect of Flooring and/or Flooring Surfaces on Lameness Disorders in Dairy Cattle
  Farm Animal Welfare Assurance: Scientific and Retailer Perspectives
  Outline of cow welfare critical control points for dairies
  On-Farm Culturing for Better Milk Quality
  On-Farm Culturing for Better Milk Quality. (more...)
  Environmental Streptococcal Mastitis: Facts, Fables, and Fallacies
  Milk quality & mastitis - troubleshooting, control program
  Veterinary Medicine Extension Animal Welfare
  Practical Euthanasia of Cattle
  What to do about downer cows?
  Assessment of Stress During Handling and Transport
  Recommended Trucking Practices
  Using Prods and Persuaders Properly
  Importance of reducing noise when handling livestock